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As Far as the Stars

The universe is relative. Time is relative. Just because a star is dimmer, doesn’t mean it’s further away. Ariadne Shaw, aspiring astronaut, is tasked with getting her brother, Blake to her older sister Jude’s wedding on time. When his flight goes off the radar, Air (nicknamed by Blake) prepares herself for the worst possible outcome – singing Blake’s cheesy wedding song in front of everyone at the reception. Waiting anxiously at the Arrivals Lounge, Air makes friends with Christopher, an English boy who loves art and has traveled the world with his father Edward Ellis, the perfect pilot. While driving to Nashville to collect her clueless brother, Air and Christopher learn to see the universe like they never would without each other. This book is one to make you think and pull you in at the same time. The characters have strong personalities which complement the other, and that makes them flow and fit perfectly with the story line. A beautiful book recommended to all YA readers.


Book: As Far as the Stars by Virginia MacGregor

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Thanks suhani! Books to make you think would be a good listicle too!

14th Jan, 20