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Pearl is a young woman who has never left the walls of her nature-worshipping cult, seed. Growing up, hearing tales of only the murder, hurt and darkness of the Outside world, she lives happily with her family and her leader, Papa S. When a boy from the Outside joins the cult, he reveals a dark side to Seed which until then was lurking in the shadows. Pearl is then forced to stand up against everything she has been taught, and run away from the only life she has ever known. This story is a thriller novel which I could not put down once I had started it, and was able to complete in one sitting. The way in which the story unfolds is engaging and has exactly the right amount of mystery and complexity to leave you wanting more. Recommended as a good starting point for people wanting to get into reading more thrillers.


inky State Library Victoria

Sounds interesting! Love that you couldn't put it down! I have added it to the database.

12th Dec, 19

Thank you!

14th Dec, 19