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Tender tells the story of two high school kids who live parallel lives. The story of Marty, a scruffy 16-year old who lost his dad, and the story of an almost perfect girl names Daisy, whose severely ill younger brother pushes on and on in his battle for a normal life. When these two complete opposites come together, they each see change in themselves, and are reminded of the joys and tender elements of life which make it full of wonder. The story is told in the perspectives of both characters in a diary format, which makes it even more engaging and allows the reader to immerse themselves into the world of the individuals. Although the story line unfolds at a slower rate, the way in which the emotions and thoughts of the characters are depicted make it a great read. Recommended to those who enjoy novels of the family/relationship genre.


inky State Library Victoria

Who is the author suhani?

12th Jan, 20

Eve Ainsworth

12th Jan, 20