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The Crown

‘The Crown’ is the final book of The Selection series. In this story, old foes become reunited and Eadlyn Schreave is finally ready to choose a husband and become queen. This story picks up right where ‘The Heir’ left off, the plot of the previous book comes to life once more as new characters aim to make amends to the past. This is the final book of the Selection Series and is very intense towards the end. After eliminating several suitors, she finds the one person who she wishes to live the rest of her life with. As entertaining as the book was, it was quite predictable. This book was entertaining and a good finish to the series. After reading ‘The Crown’, I read a collection of extra stories about the Selection, including Maxon’s perspective on when he first meets America, the Queen’s selection and some mini chapters from Celeste’s point of view. Overall, the Selection series was fluent in its storytelling and effectively captured the values of the dystopian society and the emotions the characters were going through.

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I love this book :)

16th Jul, 19