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The Heir

‘The Heir’ is the story of Eadlyn Schreave – princess of Illéa. Refusing to marry a prince, her father – King Maxon Schreave – turns to the only other option. A Selection. 35 young suitors and one princess. As the people of Illéa slowly turn against the monarchy, it is up to princess Eadlyn to marry and appease the crowds. But it isn’t an easy feat. This novel leaves a twenty year gap from The One, but it is very entertaining all the same, with parts that will make you laugh, cry and think. The book is a constant reminder of the way our world is changing and making some much needed room for women to step forward and take the lead. And as picture perfect as the whole thing may seem, Eadlyn’s story leaves a faint message that true love can be found in the strangest places. Recommended to all YA readers, and I think that reading the previous books is not necessary.

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